Our Terms and Conditions

The important bit..

No Messing will act as an introduction agency between cleaners and clients. We aim to select efficient, trustworthy and reliable cleaners for our clients and to maintain a high level of service, support and backup throughout the duration of the contract.

No Messing charges a flat rate maintenance fee of £25.00 per month, which is to be paid by a monthly standing order.
This fee covers the following services:

  • No Messing will ensure that thorough background checks are carried out on every cleaner that we introduce to a client, and every cleaner will have been personally interviewed, tested and trained.
  • No Messing is insured with Public Liability insurance, which protects the client's home against loss or damage. · With adequate notice No Messing will provide temporary cover should a cleaner be sick or on holiday.
  • If the cleaner leaves or the client is not happy for any reason No Messing will endeavor to find a replacement cleaner as soon as possible.

The flat rate maintenance fee is a separate fee and is payable each and every month to No Messing , it does not reflect your cleaners hours or their rate of pay.

Payment to No Messing should be made monthly either by standing order or within seven days of receipt of an invoice sent by No Messing at the end of each month. No Messing reserves the right to charge interest on all unpaid invoices at a rate of 5% per month from the due date until payment is made in full.

Cleaners are not employed by No Messing and therefore No Messing will not act as a broker between client and cleaner after introduction has taken place. At all times the cleaner will be under the client's supervision and responsibility. The client shall be responsible for the payment of the cleaner £7.00 per hour and the provision of supplies and equipment as well as the arrangements for access to the client's home.

No Messing will make every effort to ensure that cleaners provided under the terms of this contract are competent workers but no responsibility is to be attached to the company as a result of a failure of the selection procedure for whatever reason.

Should the cleaner terminate their contract without adequate cause or refuse to comply with the reasonable terms of the client, No Messing will supply a replacement cleaner free of charge at the earliest opportunity and in any event within 28 days notification by the client.

Should the client wish to terminate this contract then they must give the company one months notice in writing. No Messing reserves the right to terminate this contract by written notice should the client continue to unreasonably refuse cleaners introduced by No Messing .