Cleaner selection procedure

What we look for

Our mission

To introduce efficient, reliable and trustworthy cleaners to our clients, to maintain a high standard of support and service throughout.

Good cleaners are hard to find, and more importantly to keep. It is very rare that you will be lucky enough to find a cleaner who will stay in a job through thick and thin! On average a cleaner’s life span in any job is approximately four to six months.

This is where No Messing comes in. Every cleaner that we provide for you will have been through a strict selection process which involves the following procedures:

  • When applicants phone up, we must establish whether they have permission to work in the UK. If this is not the case, the applicant will not be able to progress to the interview stage.
  • Applicants must be easily contactable by phone and must consent to a home visit.
  • Interviewees must provide proof of ID. - Passport, birth certificate, drivers licence etc.
  • Interviewees must provide a proof of address - electricity bill, gas bill, or rent book etc.
  • Interviewees must provide written documentation that is recognised by the Home Office to prove that they have permission to work in the UK.
  • Interviewees must provide at least two references, one from previous employment and a personal reference. Both of which will be verified before introduction commences.
  • A written test will be given to potential cleaners to decipher their knowledge on cleaning products and safety aspects. At this point we can find out their level of understanding of written English (always important as many clients like to leave instructions).
  • All cleaners will be expected to sign a statement declaring that they have no criminal record, that they will not smoke, bring children or pets to properties, or use equipment such as radios or televisions in the properties unless they have been given specific permission by the client.
  • Once a cleaner has been successfully selected they will be put onto our database. No Messing will endeavour to introduce a suitable cleaner to each client. The client may then decide whether they wish to take on a cleaner or not.
  • The client will be responsible for paying their cleaner directly a wage of 7.00 per hour worked
  • The client will arrange access to their home with their cleaner. If necessary a deposit of one week’s wages can be held by the client until the contract is terminated, and the cleaner will sign a deposit form before taking on the keys.